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quick release connector kit 10mm barbed fitting (3/8") male incl. bulkhead coupling - matte black

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The male part (plug)  of the high-end quick release connector. The latest generation of... mehr

The male part (plug)  of the high-end quick release connector.

The latest generation of quick release couplings was specially designed for Highflow systems. It has the great quality of manufacturing that everyone is used to receive from Aquatuning. Both the male and female connector are equipped with a special profile to ensure that the pieces cannot cant, therefore ensuring that the connector is always sealed properly.
When connected the silicone ring of the male connector additionally expands to make contact with the female connector's inner wall to ensure the best seal possible.
To avoid any loosening when in use the two pieces are additionally connected by twisting them, making it impossible to separate them until they are twisted back.

The coupling is equipped with a 10mm barbed fitting for hoses with an inner diameter of 10mm.

Technical details:
Material: Brass (matte black)
Dimensions: 47,9x19,5mm
Hole size for bulkhead connection: 17mm
Connector size: 10mm (3/8"), suitable for tubing with an inner diameter of 10mm
Fitting inner diameter: 9mm

Extent of delivery:
1x Quick release connector 10mm (3/8") barbed fitting, including bulkhead thread, plug (male)

Important note regarding use of the connectors:
To ensure a tight seal between coupling and plug the units are designed for a very tight fit. When repeatedly plugging the connectors in and out, this may lead to roughening of the O-ring or even tearing of the gasket. Hence the gaskets should always be kept moist when plugging the connection in or out! A torn gasket is not covered by the warranty but is rather caused by incorrect use of the unit. Spare O-rings can be ordered with the item number 95002.

Note: For operation of the coupling the corresponding counterpiece for connection is required.

Info: Not entirely leak-proof, meaning that 1-2 drops may spill after separation)


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Technische Details
16mm (5/8"): 不是
管槽 50mm: 黃銅
11mm (7/16"): 無指定
軟管接頭 12 & 13mm (1/2"): 連接 Aquatuning
2x 5 1/4" Bayres: Aquatuning
其他容器槽: 軟管接頭 10mm (3/8")
G1/4" 外螺紋: 快速接頭 Male
10/8mm: Mattschwarz
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